Unleashing Community Connections: The story of Wickenburgsocial.com

Nestled in the heart of the Wild West, Wickenburg, Arizona is a town with a rich history and a vibrant social scene. At the center of it all is Wickenburgsocial.com, an online platform that has become a hub for community connections.

Behind this digital venture are the dynamic duo, Brian and Leslie Terhorst, along with their furry companions, Revo and Rocket Mann, who have played an integral role in shaping the Wickenburgsocial.com community.

Brian and Leslie, are the proud owners and operators of BLT Marketing & Design, (www.bltmd.com) a local marketing and design agency. With their expertise in branding, website development and digital marketing they decided to launch Wickenburgsocial.com in 2019 as a way to foster local engagement and highlight the unique charm of Wickenburg.

One of the driving forces behind Wickenburgsocial.com is the Terhorsts’ love for their dogs, Revo and Rocket Mann. These two adorable pups have become mascots for the platform, making appearances in various events and activities around Wickenburg. They have also played a role in the Terhorsts’ philanthropic efforts, as they regularly donate a portion of their revenue from Wickenburgsocial.com to animal-related causes in the community, supporting local animal shelters and pet adoption events.

Wickenburgsocial.com has quickly gained traction among the locals, serving as a one-stop-shop for all things in Wickenburg. The platform features profiles on local business, new product previews and Gear Guides, an events calendar, community news, business directory and more. It has become a go-to resource for both residents and visitors alike to stay updated on the latest happenings in the town and connect with like-minded individuals.

Through their platform, Brian and Leslie have created a virtual gathering place that has fostered a sense of community among Wickenburg’s diverse population. Wickenburgsocial.com has been instrumental in bringing people together for various events, including charity fundraisers, town hall meetings, local festivals, and business networking events.

The Terhorsts’ commitment to community building and their passion for Wickenburg is evident in their work with Wickenburgsocial.com. They have poured their heart and soul into creating a platform that promotes local businesses, fosters connections, and celebrates the unique spirit of Wickenburg.

Their dedication to giving back to the community and making a positive impact is truly commendable.

As Wickenburgsocial.com continues to grow and thrive, Brian and Leslie Terhorst, along with their furry companions, are leaving an indelible mark on the social fabric of Wickenburg. Their unwavering commitment to community engagement and their creative approach to fostering connections has made Wickenburgsocial.com a beloved platform that has brought the town closer together. Through their vision and hard work, they have unleashed the power of community connections in Wickenburg and created a lasting legacy that will continue to benefit the town for years to come.

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