Remember the PAST – Look to the FUTURE

Remember the PAST – Look to the FUTURE

Make Wickenburg a destination for business.

Objective #1: Make it easy for businesses to start, locate and thrive in Wickenburg

• Support workforce development efforts that enable Wickenburg employers to attract and retain top talent, especially in partnership with Arizona@Work: Maricopa County, West-MEC, and the Wickenburg Unified School District.

• Partner with financial institutions, non-profit entities, and other government agencies to create a menu of options for small business planning and financing.

• Identify and pursue options for financing needed telecommunications improvements in partnership with private providers.

• Partner with transportation providers to broaden options for commuters and visitors to get to Wickenburg, including through public transit and aviation.

• Work to streamline processes for developers of workforce-level housing. Conduct assessments and market research as appropriate to support collaboration efforts that identify and drive expansion of workforce-level housing developments.

• Work with local businesses to explore how the Town of Wickenburg can assist in recruitment and retention efforts. O

Objective #2: Promote sustainable growth of the community while maintaining its high aesthetic value.

• Ensure all entry points to Wickenburg are aesthetically pleasing and include appropriate functional and directional signage.

• Pursue annexations along major highway corridors and in areas that add value and future economic potential, keeping in mind future service costs and infrastructure needs.

• Actively engage in Interstate 11 corridor visioning and ensure plans are in place to support necessary annexations and economic development.

• Continue developing opportunities to work with other agencies to provide a safer and cleaner experience for our residents and guests.

Objective #3: Strengthen partnerships and communication between the Town and the local business community.

• By all means available, promote Wickenburg as the “Team Roping Capital of the World” and a destination for outstanding arts and cultural amenities, special events, equestrian activities, and healthcare services and careers.

• Increase the frequency of two-way communication among the Town, economic development organizations, and local businesses, including updates on new policies and resources and surveys to determine business needs.

• Work with local businesses to review and propose sign code modifications that promote a professional and vibrant community

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