Can-Am’s new Maverick R

Can-Am’s new Maverick R

Can-Am unveils new Maverick R desert-running side-by-side

Can-Am just revealed the Maverick R, a fresh side-by-side (SSV) model. This two-seater introduces numerous novel attributes to the Can-Am SSV lineup, encompassing an updated engine, transmission, and suspension geometry.


Kicking things off, the Maverick R debuts a fresh chassis configuration. Constructed from high-strength, dual-phase tube steel, the V-shaped chassis connects to a roll cage designed in a similar fashion. This design enhances overall rigidity and strength compared to earlier Maverick models. The objective here is to alleviate strain on bolted joints and suspension parts, ultimately enhancing ride comfort and diminishing wear on components.


With dimensions of 77 inches (195.6 cm) in width and a wheelbase length of 108 inches (274.3 cm), the Maverick R achieves a favorable ratio for stability while maintaining 17 inches (43 cm) of ground clearance. On the suspension front, there’s a generous 25 inches (63.5 cm) of travel at the front and 26 inches (66 cm) at the rear.

The suspension system incorporates aerospace aluminum into an expansive, elevated knuckle arm. This distinctive design serves to reduce stress and optimize “bump” travel by enhancing torsional rigidity.


Incorporated as an optional feature within the suspension system are the Smart-Shox by Fox. These absorbers, available in Live Valve Gen 3 variants – the Fox 2.5 Podium and 3.0 Podium, play a crucial role in absorbing the suspension’s movements while ensuring that the tires maintain contact with the ground. These Smart-Shox automatically execute over 200 suspension adjustments per second in real-time and can seamlessly transition from soft- to hard-valve settings in under two hundredths of a second.

As for the standard tire setup on the Can-Am Maverick R, it boasts 32-inch Tenacity XNR ITP tires (32x10Rx16) mounted on 16-inch aluminum beadlocked wheels. Notably, the Maverick R adopts a six-lug pattern, aligning with the common bolt pattern found in numerous pickup trucks and SUVs. This design choice opens up the door for a wider array of wheel and tire options in the aftermarket and provides enhanced wheel-clamp strength for tackling rugged terrains. The Maverick R offers the versatility to accommodate wheels as small as 15 inches and tires as large as 35 inches.

The braking system employed on the Maverick R relies on 265-mm discs coupled with 32-mm hydraulic triple-piston calipers at the front and 30-mm dual-piston calipers at the rear.

Distinct within the industry, the new engine and transmission mark a pioneering leap for Can-Am. At its core, the 999T Rotax 999cc turbocharged inline three-cylinder engine generates a robust 240 horsepower (176.5 kW). This advanced powerplant operates as a four-stroke, fuel-injected engine. The powertrain is complemented by a wholly unique Can-Am-developed dual-clutch Rotax transmission, featuring seven gears and an array of high-low gear ratios.

Turbocharged triple-cylinder engine
High performance 7-speed dual clutch transmission

Operating as an automated unit, the transmission can also be managed using paddle shifters conveniently situated behind the steering wheel. Notably, it seamlessly transitions between high and low (hi-lo) gear ratios without necessitating a vehicle stop or any physical shift lever manipulation. This gear shift can be accomplished with a simple button press even while in motion. Moreover, the transmission intelligently selects the most suitable gear based on the current RPM and performs timely shifts when transitioning between high and low gears.

Incorporating selectable driving modes, the Maverick R provides drivers the ability to dictate throttle response and gear shifting timing. In Normal mode, throttle response and shifts occur smoothly within the 3,500-4,500 rpm range. Switching to Sport mode amplifies throttle response and prompts shifts around 8,500 rpm. For even more dynamic performance, Sport+ mode not only maximizes throttle response and maintains the 8,500 rpm shift point, but also minimizes turbo lag through Advanced Response Technology. This innovative system generates turbo preload by temporarily deactivating an engine cylinder, thereby adjusting the ignition curve and optimizing airflow by manipulating throttle body positioning.


Inside, seating is similar to other Can-Am models with a five-point harness. The new steering wheel and steering-mounted instrument screen allow driver focus to remain on the road. Most off-road controls are in the same place on the lower dashboard below the infotainment screen. Above the screen is a storage compartment with USB outlets for charging and connectivity to the infotainment.

New 10.25" touchscreen display and BRP GO! app

The infotainment setup within the Maverick R centers around a newly integrated 10.5-inch display, serving as a hub for audio control, vehicle information, and system data. Navigation is facilitated through Can-Am’s app, which connects seamlessly to smartphones. This app also supports collaborative communication between multiple connected apps, enabling vehicle positioning and topography information sharing.


Enhancing interior convenience, a glove and utility box on the passenger side, along with drink holders at the center console, round out the storage options.

At the rear of the Can-Am Maverick R, a modular clamp-down system is featured, offering the flexibility to attach various Can-Am-designed accessories for storage purposes. This adaptable setup allows for customized boxes or mounts tailored to specific tools or equipment, which can be interchanged as required. Additionally, the lineup includes the option of an optional hard rooftop featuring an engine air scoop, along with various lighting choices. Notably, the trail-point lighting system, synchronized with the steering wheel, casts illumination onto the trail ahead.

The 2024 Maverick R will be offered in four distinct models: the R, the R X, the R X rs, and the R X rs with Smart-Shox. 

Starting at $35,499

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