Get ready, Wickenburg, because the American Pickers team is about to roll into town, and they’re more excited than a kid in a candy store with a handfull of nickles.

“We’ve got Wickenburg on our radar, folks,” declared the ever-enthusiastic Associate Producer Joshua Kerlin, who also mentioned, with a wink, “We’ve heard rumors that Wickenburg might just be hiding some wild treasures, and we’re on a mission to uncover them.”

Now, before you start imagining Mike and the team doing cartwheels down Main Street, rest assured they’re taking pandemic safety seriously.

“We’re not just chasing rare finds; we’re also chasing safety protocols,” Joshua quipped. They’ve got their trusty masks and hand sanitizer at the ready, ready to dive into collections that are more unusual than a two-headed calf.

If you’re the proud owner of a collection that could rival Wickenburg’s wildest Western tales, don’t be shy! Pick up the phone and call them at (646) 493-2184, hop onto their Facebook page @GOTAPICK, or fire them an email at

In your message, include your name, city, state, and how they can reach you when they come knocking in Wickenburg. And remember, folks, they’re all about private collections, so keep those museums, flea markets, and businesses under wraps.

Your secret stash in the heart of Wickenburg might just have the whole town buzzing!

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