Wickenburg Habitat for Humanity awards home to O’Neill family

Wickenburg Habitat for Humanity awards home to O’Neill family

President of Habitat for Humanity, Mike Heath, along with Geri Fair and Bill Irman, proudly presented a new home to the O’Neill family—Jacob O’Neill, Jamison O’Neill, Jocelyn Kinsey, and Makayla Kinsey—in a heartwarming ceremony. This significant achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts and dedication of various individuals who played pivotal roles in making this dream home a reality.

A special acknowledgment goes to the hardworking Director of Habitat for Humanity, Sandra Wojcik, whose leadership and commitment have been instrumental in driving the success of this project.

Her passion for creating homes and fostering community shines through in this remarkable accomplishment.

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The project’s success is also indebted to the invaluable contributions of builders Bo and Mandy Snell, who lent their expertise and skill to the construction process. Wickenburg Vice Mayor Kristi Henson and Habitat representative Jo’Ann Montana were key figures in ensuring the project’s smooth progression.

Furthermore, the support of local sponsors has been instrumental in turning this dream into a reality. H&H Building Solutions, Art Barber Excavating, Magnolia Design, Milgard Windows and Doors, Blue’s Plumbing, Foxworth Galbraith, and Martin Marietta have generously contributed to the Wickenburg Area Habitat for Humanity, making a lasting impact on the lives of the O’Neill family.

In celebrating this joyous occasion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved, as their collective efforts have not only built a home but have also created a foundation for a brighter future for the O’Neill family. Wickenburg Area Habitat for Humanity remains a beacon of hope, thanks to the dedication of its supporters and the remarkable individuals who make dreams come true.

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